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Flow Assurance

Flow assurance analysis is the key to the success of any cost-effective flow system. Max Universal has a strong flow assurance team. Our objective is to provide an integrated service from optimization to properly sizing of flow system, which are related to downhole completions, tubing, flowlines and pipelines for maximizing system deliverability over the design life. Our analytical capabilities include steady-state flow, transient and multiphase flow using the latest and client accepted simulation tools such as Pipesim 2000, ProFES, PIPESYS, PipePhase, PipeFlo, Wellflow, OLGA2000, TLNET, TGNET, PipeNet.

We have analytical capabilities for multiphase applied to the design of the total production system from the wellbore perforations, manifolds, trees, flowlines, risers, topsides and through the export lines to the market. We have experience with challenging issues such as hydrate formation, wax deposition and asphaltene solidification, liquid slugging, scaling, emulsions, corrosion, erosion, foaming, etc. We have system design experiences incorporating thermal, mechanical, chemical techniques or their combination for eliminating and/or mitigating, remedying these flow assurance problems to achieve desirable design solutions for our clients.

Oil batch transfer, gas pipeline packing, and drag–reducer are our other expertise related to oil and gas production transmission pipelines.


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